Know the Advantages!           

Dear friends:



Once you know the ACV wines, choose each to accompany your favorite food or extra to continue the conversation, you can never forget them.


And if you drank a little more, because the conversation was pleasant and the next day feel surprised because you have no headache and remenber that the ACV wines not only did not create any bad, but a good mood, so you can even become a fan, become a REGULAR CONSUMER.


So we created a closed group on facebook for the ACV REGULAR CONSUMERS, because it's only fair that anyone who becomes a fan of our wines has advantages for that.


To be admitted to the REGULAR CONSUMER group you only have to buy an average of one bottle per month.



To be eligible, you must have purchased 3 bottles in last 3 months.


Now, at the launch of the group, those who buy at least 3 bottles in a single purchase, has the right of immediate entry into the group, and receives a voucher that entitles vou to out wine tourism program, INITIATION OF THE TALHA WINE in a session specifically for members, at 1st Saturdayof each month.

Special rate card for members of the HABITUAL CONSUMER group.

Free shipping on shipments to mainland Portugal. For islads and abroad, they will receive an equivalent discount on shipping charges

For each year that you remain a menber of the group, you will be entitled to a voucher entiling you to our wine tourism program, INITIATION OF THE TALHA WINE, to be held specifically for members on the held specifically for members on the 1st Saturday ou Sunday of each month.

How will i acess yhe advantages?

When you meet the conditions, ACV will go to your registration, which you may have already done at the online store, and you will receive an email stating that you already have access to special prices. If you have achieved the conditions of access to the group, by purchasing otherwise we will make your name and email your registration in the online store and we will send you your access and pw by email. The pw should then change. To take advantage of the wine tourism program you have earned, ENTER YOUR LOGIN AND PW and use the voucher code we sent you.